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Dr. Hale


David R. Hale, D.V.M., is a 1984 graduate of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. He practiced at Hollywood Animal Hospital before moving to Tallahassee. In 1988, he became a co-owner of Cross Creek Animal Clinic, Inc., with the late Dr. Werner Heimberger. Dr. Hale has been the sole owner of CCAC, Inc. since 1995. Dr. Hale utilizes both western medical/surgical as well as traditional Chinese veterinary medical approaches to the treatment of animals under his care.

Dr. Hale was certified in veterinary acupuncture in 2001 after completing coursework in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine at the Chi Institute

Dr. Hale is a great believer in community service and has provided pro bono veterinary care since the early 1990’s to wildlife in rehab at Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dr. Hale served on the Board at the Tallahassee Museum from 1986 – 1992, and has provided pro bono veterinary care to the non-hoof stock species in their collection since 1986. He also serves as Consulting Veterinarian to the museum.

Dr. Hale also practices “Rescue Medicine” by providing reduced cost services and boarding to Capital Ark (formerly Extended Circle), Doberman Rescue, the Leon County Animal Shelter, as well as to the many wayward puppies, dogs, kittens and cats that find their way to CCAC for treatment and adoption. Dr. Hale has two dogs: one Greyhound and one Lab, both of which were “Rescues”. His five cats are also all “Rescues”. Dr. Hale and his family also support and participate as volunteers in the care of horses as part of the Triple R equine rescue organization.

Dr. Hale is a family guy. He likes to relax with his dogs out at the horsebarn where his daughter rides her competition horse.

Dr. Hale regularly attends the North American Veterinary Conference, the Florida Veterinary Medical Association Annual Meeting, as well as various other continuing education opportunities.



Dr. Davis is a fellow University of Florida alumnus who graduated a few years after Dr. Hale. After owning a private practice in southern Florida, he moved to Tallahassee to work as  state vet. Most recently, he has been working as a relief vet, filling in for various veterinarians around Tallahassee. We are very grateful for the time he spent filling in while Dr. Hale was out and still welcome him doing relief work at Cross Creek Animal Clinic. Dr. Davis is excellent at staying up-to-date on the latest research in veterinary science.

Dr. Davis owns four rescued dogs: a Shepherd/Chow mix named Gus, a German Shepherd named named Cheney, a Red Heeler puppy named Izzy and a Rat Terrier mix named Edna. He also owns one cat named Thelma. He’s pictured here with Izzy, his most recent adoptee from ECAH.



Walker is our “go to” guy for client communications, including “Puppy Talks”. He is a 10+ year employee of CCAC. Besides tending to lots of critters, he plays the “harp” at local night spots and is an avid reader and lover of literature.







Angi is a certified vet tech extraordinaire and is currently pursuing her M.S. in Entomology at FAMU. Vet School is in her sights. She enjoys family life and nature walks and makes Dr. Hale nervous when she recounts her many close encounters with water mocassins! She has Pugs, cats and an assortment of other critters to whom she is devoted.





LaDawna is another 10+ year employee, is an FSU grad and is currently taking course work to satisfy requirements for admission to Med School. LaDawna works the front desk and assists Dr. Hale with the administrative and business aspects of the clinic. She is a Roller Girl celeb and team builder. Chihuahuas rule!







Jolvan is a vet tech and a long time employee of CCAC. She graduated from FSU, received her MS and is currently a recipient of a fellowship and a doctoral candidate at FAMU. Jolvan is always “doing us proud”. She loves her two little dustmop doggies.





Lauren is a vet tech and has been with CCAC for many years. Lauren recently received her BA degree from FSU. She loves tending to and fussing over the grooming needs of dogs and cats, and is considering making a career of it. Lauren soothes the nerves of fearful doggie patients. She has many dogs and cats to fuss over at home too!





Lynn is a vet tech and has a special interest in dental care. She has been at CCAC for several years. She wakes the clinic up each morning and gets things started doing labwork and transmitting EKG’s, along with her bloodhound “Dixie” and her black lab puppy “Beau.” Lynn is currently teaching Dixie the skills to become a Search and Rescue dog. On weekends you can spot Lynn and her husband Jon rooting for the Seminoles. She also has many kitties at home.








Tami and her dog “Cricket” can be found at the clinic’s front desk most afternoons. She graduated from FSU with a BS degree in Biology and has been with the clinic for a couple of years. Tami has assisted with zoo keeping at the Tallahassee Museum and may ultimately seek a career in that field. In the meantime she is here to assist clients and their pets check into and out of the clinic.






Togi has been the AM animal care tech at the clinic for many years. His eyes are the first to survey and inspect all the overnight animal guests each morining. He may be seen each AM, rain or shine walking his canine charges along the grassy areas near the clinic. Togi may also be seen at the New Leaf Market and may soon make his debut in stand-up comedy. He is seen here being caught red-handed at the front desk computer!





Sheena graduated with a Biology degree at FSU and has been working at the clinic as an animal care tech, medical technician, and medical record keeper. She is an intern at The Tallahassee Museum, where she assists with the “keeping”of the various animals in their care. She is the proud owner of two Labradors named ‘Shadow’ and ‘Topaz’. Sheena will be leaving us in August to attend veterinary school at Purdue University!






mollyMolly graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania last year and joined the CCAC staff in 2011.  Molly divides her working time among electronic medical record entry, client communications, vet-teching and animal care. She volunteers for  Capital ARK (she can’t get enough of those bulldogs!)  and Triple R equine rescue.  She also diligently tends to the socialization needs of the many kittens finding their way to the clinic. It did not take Molly long to adopt an older kitty from the LCAS once she relocated to Tally.  Like Angi, Sheena and  Katie, Molly too sees herself (as we do all of them!) as a future veterinarian.




Aileen began working at Cross Creek Animal Clinic in 2011. She works at the front desk, takes medical records, and does tech work as well. She is an FSU grad and is currently working on her Masters in Public Health. In her free time, she volunteers at the Tallahassee animal shelter. She owns three Corgis named Baloo, Odie, and Frankie and a Dachshund named Toby. You may hear her say that they are all “very squishy!”







Sheila is an FSU grad with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She has her eyes set on a career in wildlife conservation research. You can find her working every morning at the front desk with Lynn. Sheila has been a real asset to our clinic through her extensive experience at Goose Creek Wildlife. She does everything from nursing baby squirrels back to health to wrangling bald eagles. She occasionally works as a tech during appointments as well. Sheila lives in Tallahassee with her Pit Bull “Lexi,” her Pointer “Wade”, and three cats.