Anatomy of a Visit

Regular appointments are 30 minutes in length to allow for sufficient time to examine your pet, make recommendations for or perform diagnostic tests, and plan your pet’s treatments with you.  After your clinic visits, you may expect to receive follow up calls to assess your pet’s  response to treatment in order to make sure that we are all on the same page and to ascertain progress and to advise you of any changes in treatment strategy or the need for further testing or treatment. Most visits are outpatient and often are wellness visits, however some pets that are not feeling well may require further testing and may be admitted for observation, hospitalization or even intensive hospitalization.

Regarding treatments: An estimate of diagnostic and treatment costs will be provided to assist you with budgeting. Treatments may be conducted on an outpatient basis or the plan may involve an inpatient stay, which might range from intensive care with IV’s, etc. to boarding with observation and/or administering of medications. Sometimes surgery is required.   Dr. Hale has extensive experience in both general soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Pet patients are discharged when further hospitalization is no longer warranted and you are comfortable overseeing your pet’s further recovery. Re-checks and re-evaluations are scheduled at check-out. If Dr. Hale feels that your pet might benefit from an alternative treatment approach, he will recommend and discuss  that option. If he believes that a specialist would best serve your pet’s interest, he will recommend one or several to you. In addition, we are always open to learning about new medications, treatments, and technologies that will benefit our patients and improve our veterinary care.

For the more complex medical and surgical cases or emergency cases, the clinic is equipped with an electrocardiogram machine (connected to a cardiologist’s office for interpretation and assessment), an x-ray machine, a digital dental x-ray , a blood gas and electrolyte analyzer, a blood chemistry analyzer, a blood cell analyzer as well as a large array of  diagnostic test kits, which may be used to assess your pet’s condition and get treatment started right away.  Additionally, we frequently make use of various reference labs for more specialized testing.  These labs often provide consultation services with veterinary specialists to help us direct your pet’s testing and treatment , if necessary.  Additionally, a board certified veterinary internist and/or a board certified cardiologist (who are experts at performing various ultrasound examinations, including Doppler echocardiography, the gold standard for cardiac diagnosis), visit us once or twice monthly (by appointment) to perform ultrasounds and to lend their expert opinion regarding your pet’s diagnosis and treatment..

For surgical and dental procedures, appropriate pre-operative assessments are completed a few days prior to the scheduled procedure in most cases.

Regarding more typical outpatient office visits, we routinely see and treat eye, ear, dental and skin problems.

We stock most of the medicines that are used for common medical conditions and we also utilize an internet pharmacy called VetSource, where you will find great pricing on prescriptions from a vast inventory of  medications and products.

No matter what level of care your pet needs, we will always strive to give you practical and understandable advice to help you determine how to best care for your pet. We have staff members who are  skilled at guiding you through the various treatment options and other issues involving your pet’s care, including behavioral issues.