We don’t just clean your pet at Cross Creek we provide a bathing experience!  Bathing a dog has long been regarded, by a string of bathers over the years, as a chance to bond with your dog. This is an experience that even Dr. Hale will join in from time to time, for the fun and relaxation of it.  Nothing relaxes a dog or works up as great lather as well as the human hand.   We don’t stop until your dog is clean and refreshed.    This same thorough cleaning precedes therapeutic baths.   A toweling, a blow dry and a walk in the sunshine (if possible) follow the bath.

Dogs to be bathed should arrive by 9 AM, weekday mornings.  Pick ups should be scheduled after 4 PM, the same day. Appointments for bathing are encouraged, but not always necessary. We no longer “dip” dogs; rather we apply the appropriate flea/tick topical (usually Advantix or Frontline spray) once your pet has dried off.  Therapeutic baths are chosen on the basis of a dermatologic exam by Dr. Hale.


            Most cats are not generally “bathed” but “groomed and then bathed”.  Cat grooming is by appointment only.  When done at Cross Creek, the grooming of cats is a labor of love.  The available slots for this experience are limited.