Boarding of both dogs and cats has been a  service which we have provided for our clients since we opened our doors more than 25 years ago.  Accommodations are practical and economical, with great attention paid to comfort, cleanliness, exercise, nutrition, and loving attention for all of our cat and dog guests. Our Animal Care Staff is dedicated and concerned about your pet’s health, comfort and safety.

big dog kennels

Dog runs come in two different sizes.  The large runs are about 24 sq feet and easily accommodate the largest of breeds.  Cages for smaller dogs come in a wide variety of sizes. Dogs are fed high quality Hill’s Prescription Diet for sensitive stomachs (unless you prefer to provide us with his or her regular food). If your dog has special medical needs, our techs will administer the medication you provide us with at no extra charge. Dogs are walked individually (unless they prefer to walk with their housemates) twice daily. We will get to know your dog’s normal personality and routine, and any signs of unusual behavior are addressed directly by Dr. Hale.

little dogs

Three different size feline accommodations are available.  Most accommodations provide a view out the front window.  Only premium dust-free litter is used. Unless you provide your cat’s regular food, we feed Purina DM Veterinary dry food. Kittens get wet Hill’s Science diet. As with dogs, administration of medication is performed at no extra charge. If your cat requires regular subcutaneous fluids, we will provide them for $5.00 per administration.


All dogs and cats are required to be free of and vaccinated against infectious diseases. It is possible for us to administer their vaccines immediately before their stay. All dogs and cats are checked for fleas upon arrival, and will be administered flea treatment (at some extra cost) if any are found. This is done to protect all of our boarders from infestation.


cat cage

The dog and cat boarding areas are separate and carefully climate-controlled for your pet’s comfort.  Classical music or NPR talk radio is provided and calming pheromone diffusers are often used to settle your pet in quickly to his/her CCAC accommodations. Dogs are provided with a complimentary bath for weekend stays or stays of one week or longer.



Boarding Prices Spring2015

*Prices are subject to change.


For major holiday weekend boarding, the following applies:

  • We require a $50.00 deposit at the time you make your pet(s) boarding arrangements. We are unable to reserve a place without your deposit! This will be automatically applied to your boarding total. If need be, payments can be made over the phone with a credit card. This deposit is refundable for up to 1 week before your scheduled boarding arrangement. No refunds will be given after that time.
  • Boarding is by reservation only.  It is better to call well in advance to reserve a spot in our kennel as space is limited.
  • All pet(s) must be current on their Rabies, Bordetella, Trivalent or Bivalent.  These vaccines are specific to cats and dogs and, aside from the rabies, should be given at least every 6 months to protect them from upper respiratory infections.
  • Please bring any of your pet(s) medications and directions on dosing that they will need while staying with us.  If however, you forget, we can refill the medication and the cost will be applied to your final bill.

***WE ENCOURAGE THOSE ON SPECIAL OR PERSCRIPTION DIETS THAT ARE MEDICALLY NECESSARY TO BRING THAT FOOD! All other supplies and comforts are provided by Cross Creek Animal Clinic.  Please be aware that we are not responsible for broken, damaged, lost or eaten property.