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Perky the duck swimmingWILDLIFE REHABILITATION

Cross Creek Animal Clinic is honored to provide gratis veterinary care to Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in support of their endless and heroic task of providing direly needed assistance to sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, in all its forms, 24/7 in the Leon County area.  This is an all-volunteer organization. You can visit their website.

This partnership has continued since sometime around 1990, give or take a few years.   I (DH) suppose that it was a matter of probability that if you do this kind of thing in relative obscurity long enough, there may be an occasion when someone takes notice.  In January of 2007, Noni delivered yet another battered animal to the clinic.  We formulated a plan for this bird, who was just one in a very long string of such cases over the years, and went about our business as usual.  Little did we know that our lives were about to be taken over for the next two weeks by the worldwide interest in this miraculous creature. This little bird single-handedly put more gray hairs on our heads than all other cases combined.

Fortunately the outcome was favorable and Perky, The Lucky Duck awaits permanent placement.  We are hoping that the Tallahassee Museum will find the support necessary to fund a waterfowl habitat that will feature the now famous duck.  You can get the whole story of and hear a fabulous song about this remarkable duck at the above website.

Of course, our efforts (and we) have returned to obscurity and the string of injured birds and mammals continues.  If you come across sick, injured or orphaned wildlife (however, please do not handle raccoons, skunks, bats or foxes as they may be rabid) that you can safely transport, then bring them to the clinic and we will take it from there. Otherwise call Goose Creek for assistance. Thanks for your support of these efforts to help God’s wild creatures.


Cross Creek Animal Clinic also works closely with select local animal rescue groups (Primarily ECAH Animals and Tallahassee Dobie Rescue) to offer reduced-cost services and boarding. We often have ECAH dogs boarding at the clinic. For more information about these groups and for a list of ECAH dogs boarding at the clinic, you can visit our ‘Animals for Adoption’ page!