Emergency Information

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We are always willing to” work in” and see your pet which is too sick or injured to wait for an appointment during regular business hours. This may have to be done as a “drop off” or as an immediate emergency, depending on the situation. Unusual circumstances might arise where there could be a conflict, in which case we would find veterinary help for you one way or another. Always call the clinic first, if possible.

Most established clients keep our back line number on hand. If we are present in the clinic and adequately staffed (after hours), then we will handle the emergency if at all possible. If you happen to have an emergency during a short window in the early AM when no vet is present, which is of a pressing nature, then Dr. Hale will be alerted and will attempt to come in early if at all possible. If the emergency is critical then we will find veterinary service for you and provide you with instruction in the meantime.

After hours emergencies are normally referred to the emergency facility in town (listed below). Should you visit this facility, you should fully expect to be referred back to Cross Creek Animal Clinic for our opinion, ongoing treatment or surgery (other than for clear-cut emergency situations involving life threatening circumstances). It is your right to return your pet to your own veterinarian for follow up care. It would be highly unusual that circumstances would dictate otherwise. It is ultimately your decision, not the emergency clinic’s decision. You also should not expect to be referred to any other veterinarian than us for surgery or follow-up care. Please call us for advice if there are any problems in this regard.


Cross Creek Animal Clinic:

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