Feeding Your Dog

Dinnertime can be tough with a bossy cat in the house.


Again, canned high quality diets are best for dogs, short of a balanced crock-pot cooked diet of fresh foods.  There are breed considerations here as well.  Dogs generally tolerate dry foods much better than cats.  The following link: www.timberwolforganics.com provides a source for some interesting, high quality and practical diets for your dog.  Small dogs should be fed frequently, to be sure.  Larger dogs with predisposition to “bloat” (GDVS) may benefit from more frequent, yet smaller meals.  Many larger dogs strongly prefer just one meal per day, however.


… and maybe the occasional snack.

Fat dogs and Arthritis:

This is a problem.  There is dramatic research (Purina study) that shows the direct correlation between obesity and arthritis regardless of hip conformation.  Fat dogs equal arthritic dogs after about six years of age, especially.  Fat dogs also live shorter life spans than they might have. The money spent on arthritic older dogs is substantial.  Your pocket book and your dog will benefit from keeping your dog trim throughout life.