Home Management



Start playing with your puppy’s feet on a regular basis and initiate proper nail trims early.  Reward your dog for good behavior.  Walking some of the time on cool paved surfaces helps keep “quick length” normal.  Avoid wrestling matches…no one wins.  Have a professional show you how to trim nails properly.


Start getting your dog used to your having your fingers or other brushing wiping objects in his/her mouth from an early age, if possible.  Dr Hale believes that a brief (no more than one minute, total) wipe of the teeth with dental gel, every night after the last meal, done consistently, is the best way to help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.  Regular check-ups and dental scaling where appropriate are the rest of the story.



Encouraging your dog to gnaw can help keep his or her teeth clean.



Start your puppy off young with gentle ear rinses, especially spaniels and retrievers.  Pick your rinses carefully.  Harsh rinses are to be avoided.  Consistency with ear rinses, as with wiping the teeth, is your best approach to reducing ear issues.  “Allergic ears” often require more attention.  Yeast infections are extremely common in the ears of Florida’s dogs, so regular attention on your part can reduce this problem in your dog.