Medical Services


We routinely see pets of all ages with a variety of medical issues.  Very frequently these issues relate to the eyes, ears, teeth, skin, and various musculoskeletal problems related to the spine, hips and limbs.

 Animals may develop hormonal issues related to the pancreas, thyroid and adrenal glands as they get older.  Probably the most common organs to require medical attention in the older pet, however, are the teeth, kidneys, and heart.

lynn teeth

  Although our approach is largely preventative in nature, problems can and do arise.  We do have equipment in-house for: X-ray, blood cell analysis, biochemical parameter analysis, blood electrolyte and blood gas analysis, urinalysis, and stool analysis. We use referral laboratories for specialized analysis and for routine analysis if time permits.  These labs provide us with access to veterinarians boarded in internal medicine for help with diagnosis and treatment, if necessary.  We transmit electrocardiograms directly to the cardiologist’s office and arrange for monthly visits by this same cardiologist/internist to perform our abdominal ultrasounds and Doppler echo cardiography (the Gold Standard for cardiac assessment).  We have accurate in-house test kits for Heartworm; the tick-borne diseases of Erhlichia, Lyme Disease, and Anaplasmosis; Giardia; Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.