All of our heartworm prevention and flea control products have great pricing. In fact, we have prices below many internet companies on all such items and we have  guarantees on heartworm preventatives and value added offers, such as additional tubes free (flea) and rebates (which we file for you) lowering the cost to you  even further.  We sell many products at the clinic itself and carry an even larger inventory on line, through Vetsource, our online store. There is an icon for Vetsource to the right.

Choosing a product that is right for my pet:

Heartworm preventatives:

Both dogs and cats may and should be put on heartworm prevention. Dogs must be tested for heartworms first. Cats may just be placed on preventative. Both oral and topical products are available.
Heartgard Plus:  prevents heartworms and deworms for hookworms (everywhere in our environment and picked up through the skin), and  roundworms only. It does not deworm for whipworms (must be ingested orally and encountered much less commonly than hookworms in our area). Comes as a chewable rectangular chunk that is well accepted by dogs, thus increasing ease of monthly administration. Sold at the clinic and on Vetsource.


Interceptor prevents heartworms, deworms for hookworms, roundworms and whipworms in dogs.   Interceptor (but not Sentinel or Trifexis) is a  tablet which may also be administered to cats.  Interceptor is a good choice for dogs who are easy to medicate and who are “out and about” (have an increased chance of encountering whipworms in dog walk areas). Given monthly orally and sold at the clinic and on Vetsource.  VariationsSentinel which is interceptor plus it contains lufenuron (does not kill fleas but inhibits their multiplying). Another drug called Trifexis has the same purpose as Sentinel, has the same heartworm preventative as Interceptor and the same oral flea killing drug as Comfortis.  This combination has quite broad protection against heartworm, intestinal parasites and fleas (some clients report that it appears to inhibit tick activity as well), thus making it quite popular.  It is our opinion that the orally administered drugs may be safer in homes with small children. Interceptor is sold at the clinic or through Vetsource. Trifexis and  Sentinel are available by our precription through Vetsource.

Advantage Multi:

This is a monthly topical application for dogs that kills fleas, prevents heartworms and deworms for hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. It does not kill ticks.  It is therefore a good broad spectrum antiparasite topical for the dog who is “out and about”, but who is unlikely to encounter ticks.  Advantage Multi for Cats: Also a monthly topical for cats which prevents heartworms, kills fleas and deworms for hookworms and roundworms. Neither the cat or dog product kills tapeworms, however they do kill fleas which are the carriers of the common tapeworms  Advantage Multi  of either type is available  by our prescription through Vetsource.


This monthly topical product comes in a form for cats and dogs. Besides preventing heartworms, it also kills fleas.  The cat form also deworms for hookworms and roundworms.  The dog form is not labeled for intestinal parasites. Neither the cat or dog product kills tapeworms, however they do kill fleas which are the carriers of the common tapeworms.   Revolution for cats is very popular and both forms (dog and cat) are sold at the clinic and are available on Vetsource.

Summary of Products for Dogs:

*Sentinel contains lufenuron, which does not kill fleas but prevents flea eggs from developing into adults. If new fleas are not coming in from outside and the fleas bite only your animals, then this can be an effective form of flea control.

Summary of Products for Cats: