Your Cat

Congratulations on having been adopted by a cat!   While cats are generally long-lived companions, with proper care, today’s cats are aging well and living even longer.  The following pages should provide you with most of the information you will need to make this long-term relationship a positive and rewarding one.

Good Rules to Follow:

1.) Do not punish a cat for not using a litter box. You will worsen the problem.
2.) Never use carpeted scratching posts.  You will teach inappropriate marking.
3.) All cats suffer from some degree of fur ingestion, even if they don’t tell us.
4.) Never rush or force cat introductions for better long term cat family society.
5.) Feed high protein canned diets and prevent many common health problems.
6.) Take care of the teeth to preserve life of kidneys and prevent severe mouth pain.
7.) Keep your numbers down!  Three seems an optimum number.
8.) Have more litter boxes than cats and keep them clean.
9.) Test new cats to be introduced into the home for FeLV and FIV ahead of time.
10. Keep kittens out of the litter boxes of the older cats.  Reduces the chance of FIP.
11.) Vaccinate appropriately according to the lifestyle of your cats.


For detailed information, please follow the links below.

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Spaying and Neutering

Behavior and Introductions


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